We offer strategic legal advice to assist employers in lawfully developing and implementing a comprehensive preventive labor relations program and in communicating with their employees.

What are labor relations?

Labor relations are the essential relationship between union labor representatives and management in the company.

We advise employers before and during union organizing on a daily basis, including services such as:

  • Overall strategic legal advice
  • Management - supervisor training relating to union organizing and/or corporate campaigns.
  • Legal/HR assessments to advise regarding lawful, practical best practices.
  • Recommendations regarding lawful employer communication.
  • Legal recommendations for employer consideration.

Our labor relations attorneys

Our labor attorneys have represented private and public sector clients. We provide legal advice on labor relations laws and to company boards of directors, senior leadership, in-house counsel, human resources, and labor relations executives. We also provide legal advice to operations management as they develop and implement strategic, comprehensive preventive labor relations programs that are legal and appropriate in today’s changing workplace.

We have proven experience in strategic legal advice to assist employers.

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