If you feel you were discriminated against or given unequal treatment based on race, gender identity, disability, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, or some other protected class, an employment discrimination attorney can help.

What is employment discrimination?

Puerto Rico’s employment laws prohibit discrimination and harassment. There are three different complaints related to workplace discrimination and the employment law.

Discriminatory treatment: When an employer treated you unequally compared to others because of your age, gender, race, religion, sex, or disability.
Disparate impact: In this case, it’s about the company’s policy. Disparate impact happens when an allegedly neutral working policy has a negative impact on some protected class members.
Workplace retaliation: You can file a retaliation claim if your manager or supervisor tries to punish you for engaging in legal processes to protect your rights or the company’s interests.

Our attorneys can help you gather firm evidence to prove your discrimination case:

There are many legislative acts that protect workers from discrimination. First, you will need to fill a discrimination complaint to have an evidence of discrimination based on your age, gender, sex, disability, race, or religion.

Our attorneys are specialized in employment discrimination cases. They will help you gather firm evidence to prove your discrimination case. Contact us!

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