Our lawyers have experience representing clients in a variety of litigation matters from business partnerships to international corporations, as well as those who work for those organizations.

What is corporate litigation?

Corporate litigation, also called commercial litigation, includes measures taken to avoid litigation as well as litigating and managing business disputes.

Commercial real estate disputes are another type of corporate litigation. It involves default on commercial leases, financing, and buying and selling of commercial real estate.

Our litigation attorneys solve contract issues and legal problems that a corporation faces such as deceptive or fraudulent practices, employer and employee disputes and violation of contracts.

Our litigators have the experience to assist corporation’s issues such as the following:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protecting firms against illegal termination suits
  • Non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements
  • Solving labor disagreements with workforces as well as with employees and professionals
  • Violation of contracts or breach of a partnership agreement
  • Initiating civil lawsuits or defend clients in cases brought against them
  • Anti-discrimination laws

The rules and procedures for derivative lawsuits vary by jurisdiction. Generally, before initiating a lawsuit, a shareholder must demand that the board take legal action. Then, if the board rejects the demand or refuses to act, the shareholder may sue. In short, the goal of a derivative lawsuit is to invoke a corporate right that the directors have not enforced.

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Our business and civil litigation attorneys and dispute resolution practice encompasses the following types of services