Administrative litigation generally allows you to address issues before federal, state, and local agencies in an expedited and streamlined manner. Despite this, the administrative litigation process often involves complex issues, voluminous documents, and compressed timeframes requiring dedicated attention to detail and intensive counsel.

Our litigators have assisted institutions, businesses, and individuals in Puerto Rico and internationally with administrative proceedings (non-judicial processes).

Types of Administrative Litigation

Our team of litigators has extensive experience in representative administrative matters and types of administrative litigation such as appeals proceedings, litigation of parties concerned, institutional litigation, litigation proceedings, among others.

Our litigators have the experience assisting Administrative Permitting Litigation including:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission Administrative Proceedings.
  • Civilian Board of Contract Appeals Proceedings.
  • Government contracting and procurement processes.
  • Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Proceedings.
  • Administrative hearings.
  • Judicial reviews of administrative action.
  • Government procurement solicitations.

Our business and civil litigation attorneys and dispute resolution practice encompasses the following types of services