Tomás Correa-Acevedo


President and Managing Director of the firm.

His main practice areas are representing clients in the financial services industry in Secured Commercial and Real Estate transactions, providing opinions in complex Notary and Mortgage Law matters and supporting the firm in general Commercial and Banking Litigation.



Tomás Correa Acevedo was admitted to practice in law and public notary in the Common wealth of Puerto Rico in 1978.  For the past forty years he has handled litigation, representing the interests of banks as defendants and plaintiffs.  In addition, he has actively participated and conducted investigations in civil cases in the following areas of law:

  • Banking and Notary (Commercial Credit Litigation, "Lender liability" and Foreclosure Litigation)
  • Obligations and Contracts
  • Torts (General Risks, medical injury and car accidents)
  • Mortgage Law
  • Disputes on The General Law of Corporations and Derivative Actions
  • Shareholder and/or directors' liability litigation
  • Fiduciary liability litigation
  • Litigation over ownership of shares and/or rights
  • Litigation over employer liability for intentional actions or omissions
  • Litigation on claim under the Federal Law "American with Disability Act." 1990
  • Litigation concerning claims under Law 100 of June 30, 1959
  • Litigation under Law 69 of July 6, 1985
  • Litigation under Law 17 of April 22, 1998
  • Discrimination disputes based on age and sex
  • Litigation challenging the constitutionality of Laws and Regulations
  • Litigation over construction defects
  • Litigation over the division of the conjugal partnership